We strongly believe in applying innovative motor learning principles to help you to reach new levels in injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance enhancement in your daily care of athletes. 




Hi, I'm Dr. Alli Gokeler, a sports physical therapist specialist for 28 years.

My goal is simple: I would like to share what I have learned over the years and what I am still learning today.

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Do you want to learn at your own pace? Taking a class at a time when it suits you? Take advantage of a fair price? An online course may be the right choice for you!

Do you prefer a hands-on course and meet us in person? Benefit from the interaction with your teacher and colleagues? 

Or book a tailor-made private training with us to implement motor learning in your setting.

24/7 unlimited access

Instructed by Dr. Alli Gokeler and Dr. Anne Benjaminse
Many video's available with practical examples

Starting from just € 9,95

Instant answers to your questions

Learn from your colleagues in a safe "learn from each other" setting 

You can apply all you learned the day after the course

Instructed by Dr. Alli Gokeler and Dr. Anne Benjaminse

Tailored made training by Dr. Alli Gokeler and Dr. Anne Benjaminse

Minimum of two days

Three stage approach 1) before (intake and preparation together) - 2) during (training days) - 3) after (how does it go?) - program 

Knowledge created for and with staff 

Staff can apply knowledge directly 

Cost effective (no travel expenses staff)

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