Dr. Alli Gokeler

Hi, I’m Alli Gokeler, a sports physical therapist specialist for 28 years.

While working every day with patients I’ve been intrigued why things did not always go as I hoped for. For example, I had a patient after an ACL injury and he kept unloading the involved limb. I tried many different things but without success.

Do you recognize this?

My goal is simple – I would like to share what I have learned over the years and what I am still learning today.

I am a researcher-clinician and clinician-researcher who strongly believes in a bright future for multidisciplinary injury prevention. I may be best known for my work in motor learning after ACL reconstruction. I have more than 40 peer reviewed publications now and gives lectures worldwide. I loves mountainbiking as much as he can.

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Dr. Anne Benjaminse 

Hi, I’m Anne Benjaminse, a physical therapist and human movement scientist, specialised in sports medicine.

Why would you choose the Motor Learning Institute for training or coaching? Good question, it’s important to have a click with one another. Thats why I’d like to introduce myself a bit here. After my study physical therapy I felt I wanted learn more, better understand how people move and how we can optimise movement. I therefore pursued a master in Sports Medicine and got my PhD in Human Movement Sciences, specialising in motor learning applied in injury prevention. I now share my knowledge and practical experiences on a daily basis with (youth) athletes, trainers/coaches, sports physical therapists, policy makers and parents. To successfully implement injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance optimisation, I strongly believe in creating this together. The context around the athlete should be appreciated.

I always strive for understanding how athletes move in their own context and how I can improve their movement to optimise performance and reduce injury risk

We can learn from each other and together with the sports and health professionals, my aim is to stimulate a lifelong healthy participation in sports! I strive for innovative levels of services.


In my free time, I’d love to ride my mountain-, city or road bike. Also I like to put on my running shoes to explore the environment. I get energy from moving!

Click here for Anne's professional bio.

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