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In short

Do you want to be updated with your colleagues about different topic related to motor learning in sport? Or are you looking for an inspiring keynote speaker during a meeting, symposium or congress?

Alli Gokeler and Anne Benjaminse give lectures where they work with the participants in an interactive way. 

Potential topics

- What is the effect on motor learning when you give internal vs. external focus instructions or feedback?

- How do you use implicit motor learning?

- How can you enhance motivation (e.g. autonomy) of your athletes?

- How do you optimise transfer and on-field training?
- How to reach new levels in your ACL rehabilitation outcomes?
- How to 
incorporate injury prevention in your sports team?

- How to effectively change movement technique?

Practical information

- Topic/program: let's plan this together.

- Duration: starting from 60 minutes.

- Date: let's look at our agendas.

- Price: depending on the program.

- Location: we like to find a place with you that is helpful for learning.

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