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Giordano Gorlani, Strength and conditioning coach, Italy

"First of all thank you for sharing such a valuable information. I love your scientific articles and your course too. It's very important, for strength and conditioning coaches like me to find someone who bridges the gap between science and daily practice. I love the way you approach acl injury... Prioritizing motor learning and self organization. I'm actually working on some variants to your balance drills. One more time thank you and I hope to see you soon in Italy!"

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Evaluation of NPi course

Q1: How would you rate the course in general?
Q2: To which extend did the teacher have the right skills and knowledge?
Q3: To what extend can you use what you have learned in you current or future profession?
Q4: How would you rate the organization of the course?
Q5: Would you recommend the course to others?

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